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Culture Of Our School

Martial arts is not doing tai chi at the gym. It extends further than that, its about family and about forming a bond with your training, pushing yourself and learning together. 

Here are just some of the things we do


Boot Camp (Kung Fu Camp)

Boot Camps are all about meeting students from the other branches and then sweating bleeding and working together to survive the day. 

Boot camps are filled with intense training drills, games and applications.

Sifu Frank
Kung Fu Plum Blossom Games
After camp
Fun had by all
Camp Warmups With Sifu Bruce
Small Break Before moving on
Great day, Great camp
Greeting Off
All broken
Morning Stretches
Plum Blossom games part 2
Tandem Push ups at Camp
Sifu Bruce making sure we are ready
Splits can be pretty sore
Laps of sky kicks at the temple
New techniques and new challenges
Boxing Ceremony

You've trained for months and you have worked on your applications and your forms, you are now ready to join the school. 

Boxing ceremonies are how we welcome new students into the Shaolin Martial arts system, meaning that a student will attain a uniform and sash and agrees to follow the schools rules.

One of those rules being that They Will train thier Bodies and Minds until they become one in perfect harmony. 

Competitions and Demonstrations

Competitions are a great way to get out of your comfort zone, and test your skills.

Competitions are held both interschool and on a national level. 

We also sometimes get to do events such product launches, wellness seminars or just to help celebrate the new year. Demo teams train to entertain. 

Demo At Brightwater Commons Randburg
First From group formation Kids Demo
Kung Fu and Tai Chi demo
Spear Form For the Kids
Interschool Competition
Interschool Competition
Interschool Competition
Interschool competition
Sparring at Nationals
Interschool Competition
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