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Si-Fu Cris runs the Kempton park Shaolin Martial Arts Center. He started his martial arts career 26 years ago when he enrolled at the Shaolin Martial Art Center in Brixton and has been training privately with SiFu Bruce Sebregts.

Achievements and Accolades

In 1993 he joined the Shaolin team in China where he was honored as the overall winner in his weight category (age 18-35), competing against students with many years more experience. 

Si-Fu Chris competed and excelled in many local competitions, returning to China in 1998 to compete yet again. At this competition he was awarded with 4 gold medals. 

Si-Fu Chris is extremely humble because he realizes that his level of proficiency is only achieved by dedication and lots and lots of practice. He continues his training every day by himself as well as training with Sifu Bruce Sebregts and Grand Master Leo Sebregts. He believes that training within the "Leong Cheung Family System" is like belonging to a family.

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