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Si-Fu Frank runs the Randburg Shaolin Martial Art Centre. This branch has been running since January 1998.
​Previously SiFu Frank ran a branch in Parkmore, Sandton (1990 to 1998) and before that he taught at our head office. (1984 to 1990). 

Si-Fu Frank Sebregts has been training since the age of two. He focuses mainly on development of mental and physical strength, fighting techniques and traditional
Kung-Fu styles and is a patient and dedicated teacher.

He has been taught by some top and well-respected masters, including those at the Shangdong Wu Shu institute.

Achievements and Accolades

Some of his latest accomplishments include :

  • Being inaugurated into the World martial arts hall of fame: Akron, Ohio “ USA 2001 where he was certified as international judge and referee according to The World Martial Arts Hall of Fame standards.

  • Most outstanding USA heavy weight fighter 1999 - [IKKF World championship] : Budapest, Hungary

  • Internationally certified judge and referee according to IKKF rules

SiFu Frank has also won many more titles both locally and Internationally. 

In 1998 Si-Fu Frank was selected, at the International Wushu Festival, Jinan, as an officiator and Judge according to the rules and regulations of the WUSHU Association of Mainland China, under the guidance of the late Master Fan Chunhe. 
Jinan is in the Shandong Province and is known because of it's many Great Wushu Masters.

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