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Si-Fu Bruce Sebregts runs the Bedfordview Shaolin Martial Arts branch.
A Competitor by nature, he concentrates mainly on contemporary WuShu styles.

On average he trains between 3-4 hours every day working on forms, strength,
fighting skills and cardiovascular strength.

Achievements and Accolades

In 2001 he was inaugurated into the World Martial Arts Hall of Fame : Akron, Ohio - USA where he received the following titles:

  • Most Outstanding Martial Arts Instructor;

  • Most Outstanding Contribution to Martial Arts; 

  • Outstanding International Weapons Champion;

  • Outstanding USA National Competitor - Forms; 

  • Outstanding Full Contact Fighter.

  • He holds the U.S.A. Championship, USA Double Weapon Championship, USA Best Fighter and USA Barehanded Champion, titles.

  • SiFu Bruce received first places for his Snake, Double Daggers and Long Staff forms at the 1999 - IKKF World Championship : Budapest, Hungary.

    These are but naming a few..

Additional Martial Art Instruction

Some of his Instructors include :

  • Master Li Heng Ji: "coach of the Beijing wu-shu team"

  • Master Seng-Au, Shaolin temple

  • As well as various Seminars with the Shangdong Whu-Shu institute>

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