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Shaolin Martial Arts Center Fontainebleau
113 Martha Ave N ,Fontainebleau, Randburg 2032


Training At Fontainebleau

Nestled in the Heart of Fontainebleau, Fixit Health Hub is the Home of Shaolin Martial Arts Center Fontainebleau. 
Facilities have an on site changing room and feature a sparring section. Perfect for kids and adults alike

Services Offered 

Group Classes

Group classes provide a safe and social space to learn Kung fu and help push you to your limits.Classes hold up to 20 students per session. Discipline, safety and hard work are the foundation of these classes.Instructors are always available to motivate lend a hand and maintain class discipline. 


The average class will start with a rigourous warm up and physical and move onto application drills,  that's punching kicking and blocking a class will often end with the learning and practice of forms. These classes are available to all who wish to work hard do thier best and learn the art of Kung-Fu.


Tai-chi is known as an internal art or soft form. Tai-Chi is very popular with those of us that wish to stay active but may not enjoy vigourous training regimes or are plagued by an injury.


Though It's called a soft form Tai-Chi will give you quite the workout and helps to improve posture, balance, Core strengh, flexibility and is a fantastic way to relieve stress. 


Tai-chi is also a fantastic way to compliment your hard form training and will only add to the benefits already gained from the hard form training.

Tai-Chi is especially fun with friends so bring them with.

Kung Fu Kids

Kids love Kung fu and Kung fu loves kids. Open to ages 6 to 13 Kung-Fu helps with

co-ordination, balance, macro and micro motor skills whilst improving Confidence balance and fitness.

Classes Are very similar to the adult group classes but are given with a softer hand, instructors are always in class to make sure that your little guys are safe and working hard whilst having fun. 


SATURDAY kids classes are also available with special kids classes for 4 to 6 yr olds.

Training Gallery

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Kung Fu pics 2016041
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Kung fu 001
Kung Fu pics 2016010
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Get In Touch 

Can't wait to start, then get in touch with us and lets get you started on your Kung-Fu journey. 

Thank you for contacting us, will reply shortly with details to get you started on your kung fu journey.

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